Print Brings Feeling to Food

OBIE winners create sentiment for food and beverage campaigns.

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In a brand-laden and consumer-driven culture, it's not enough for food and beverage labels to simply provide delicious product anymore. These 2016 OBIE Award winners brought another dimension to their brands with a touch of sentiment in the sky.

Silver OBIE: Wake Up
Creative agency: Moroch
Advertiser: McDonald's

Silver OBIE: Governor's Ball
Creative agency: Juniper Park\TBWA
Advertiser: MillerCoors

Silver OBIE: Miller Lite Pride Coaster Poster
Creative agency: Juniper Park\TBWA
Advertiser: MillerCoors

Silver OBIE: Summer 2015 Campaign
Creative agency: Gabriel deGrood Brendt
Advertiser: Summit Brewing Company

Finalist: Infinity Straw
Creative agency: Moroch
Advertiser: McDonald's

Finalist: Re-Brand Billboards
Creative agency: Colle+McVoy
Advertiser: Colle+McVoy

Finalist: Dairy Done Right
Creative agency: 72andSunny
Advertiser: Tillamook

Finalist: Red Bull Flugtag Portland
Creative agency: Kastner & Partners Los Angeles
Advertiser: Red Bull

Finalist: Share a Coke
Creative agency: Ogilvy
Advertiser: Coca-Cola

Finalist: Darigold Chomp & Barn
Creative agency: Wexley School for Girls
Advertiser: Darigold

Finalist: Thank you Farmers
Creative agency: Hiebing
Advertiser: Culver Franchising System

Finalist: Drink Steam
Creative agency: North
Advertiser: Anchor Brewing Company

Finalist: Drink 8 Glasses
Creative agency: Cramer-Kasselt
Advertiser: Crystal Springs

Finalist: Bock Bock
Creative agency: McGarrah Jessee
Advertiser: Spoetzl Brewery

Finalist: Bock :30
Creative agency: McGarrah Jessee
Advertiser: Spoetzl Brewery



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