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PSP Retail images bunny-themed wayfinding signage.

Big-box stores or large grocery retailers with high ceilings frequently hang prominent seasonal graphics from the rafters to direct customers from the front of the store to a special display in the back. In preparation for Easter, a Texas-based grocery store chain called upon their usual vendor for such holiday-themed danglers: PSP Retail

The Atlanta-area print shop specializes in point-of-sale graphics for retailers. Robbie McDaniel, president of PSP Retail, which employs 50 at their 50,000-square-foot facility, has observed an interesting trend: Some of their retail clients are spending less on graphics than they once did – but others are spending much more. “I think retailers are working hard to understand how they are going to evolve with the changing landscape we are all seeing,” he says. “About the time they get it figured out, it’s likely going to have to be reworked all over again.”

psp retail

“I’m not convinced what works well for one retailer is going to be the same thing that a competitor needs to do. There are a lot of sales channels these days,” McDaniel adds. 

For the bunny graphics, PSP Retail chose its HP Scitex 11000 flatbed printer to image the seasonal graphics onto Komatex PVC, cutting with an Esko Kongsberg XP24, to create the 14-foot-wide, seven-component ceiling display, along with additional themed visuals.

Although PSP Retail didn’t install the graphics, they worked closely with the person in charge of coordinating installation at each store, McDaniel says. “Our role with them is to ensure the router-cut hole placement allows each sign to hang straight with minimal movement,” McDaniel says. “When working with a ceiling display made out of seven different pieces, hole placement is critical.”

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