SAi Adds 3 EnRoute Packages

Subscription-based software for CNC cutting.

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SA International (SAi) has added three subscription-based EnRoute software platforms for users of CNC cutters. The three tiers, EnRoute Complete, EnRoute Designer, and EnRoute Fabrication, each include on-demand online video tutorials.

EnRoute Complete offers 2D and 3D CAD/CAM abilities such as 3D Surface Cutting and AutoToolpath of DXF files. Additional features include a Component Creator to make notch parts and a Model Stacker that can slice mesh in any direction.

EnRoute Designer is an entry-level option that offers the ability to add extra licenses so multiple employees can use the platform simultaneously. Features include Simulation for reviewing textures and the ability to show customers final production results and rendered views prior to routing.

EnRoute Fabrication is designed for plasma, waterjet, and laser CNC machines within the metal fabrication industry. Applications include 2D Drawing Tools, True Shape Nesting, and Kerf Compensation.

Each package is available as a monthly or yearly subscription.

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