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Six New Landa Nanographic Presses

Machines feature NanoInk technology and colorants.

Big Picture

Landa Corporation has announced six new Landa Nanographic presses, including three sheetfed models. The presses employ the company’s NanoInk technology and colorants, which comprise water-based nano-sized pigments that are heated to become a dry polymeric film, which is then transferred to paper or film without pretreatment. Landa reports that the film image instantly bonds to the surface, forming an abrasion-resistant layer. Each of the three sheetfed presses can print in up to 8 colors and can use spot and specialty colors. The Landa S5 is a 20-in. entry-level press that can print single-sided at speeds of up to 11,000 sheets/hr onto media from 60-350 gsm; the Landa S7 is a 29-in. press capable of single-sided or double-sided printing at speeds of up to 12,000 sheets/hr (60- to 350-gsm media); and the Landa S10 is a 41-in. press able to print single-sided or double-sided at up to 13,000 sheets/hr (60- to 400-gsm media). The presses also feature an oversized Landa Touchscreen user interface; real-time graphics show the status of all press functions and stream live video images of each of the key printer stations. The presses are prototypes; projected availability is the latter half of 2013.


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