Smart Billboard Recognizes Car Models

New technology tailors ads to Tokyo drivers.

Big Picture

A smart billboard in Roppongi, Tokyo, employs “deep learning” technology to recognize the makes and models of vehicles driving by and display customized ads for their drivers. For example, the system might display eco-friendly products to drivers of hybrid vehicles.

The technology is based on Cloudian HyperStore, which relies on algorithms and metadata to generate real-time responses. Cloudian collaborated with Dentsu, Smart Insight, Quanta Cloud Technology Japan, and Intel Japan to develop the project.

The system recognizes more than 300 vehicle makes and models; upon recognizing a vehicle, it selects one of 25 million stored images to present a customized ad to the driver in 0.5 seconds. Ads are chosen based on advertiser-set parameters.

The platform is also collecting real-time data on traffic volume that will be available for use by local government and businesses.

Possible expansion for the project includes new locations in Tokyo in the coming year, as well as a similar technology applied to human behavior for sites such as malls and tourist attractions.

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