SPGPrints’ Single-Pass Digital Textile Printer

Up to nine print stations for speeds up to 131 feet per minute.

Big Picture

The 77-in. Pike single-pass digital textile printer from SPGPrints is engineered for printing blotches, fine lines, geometric designs, tonal curves, and more on a wide range of textiles up to 0.12 in. thick, including non-flat fabrics, cotton, viscose, and most polyesters. Features include:

• Variable drop sizes from 2 to 10 pL
• Up to nine printing stations, each with an Archer print bar with 43 printheads and a 0.16-in. printhead gap for high jetting frequency
• Up to 9 colors: CMYK + orange, blue, red, gray, and penetration fluid
• A modular multi-section dryer said to have low-energy consumption and silent operation; users can control exhaust fan frequency for each section
• A curved heat plate that warms fabric for improved belt adhesion
• A touch-screen control panel
• A customizable in- and outfeed
• A patented touchless printhead cleaning cycle by automated purge, and more

The Pike has a max. resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi and can reach print speeds up to 131 linear ft/min. The system includes Printserver 8 RIP software; third-party RIPs available upon request.

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