Superwide Showcase

Five of the newest superwide printers on the market.

Superwide printers are the behemoths of the wide-format digital print world. Churning out graphics that span a minimum width of six feet, superwide machines offer the opportunity for PSPs to create massive graphics large enough to cover windows, walls, floors, or almost any other surface imaginable. Here’s a snapshot of five of the latest superwide printers designed to pump out huge prints. 

CET Color3200UVRTR UV Printer
CET Color

Width: 126 in. 
Applications: Banners, backlit signage, mesh, vinyl, and more
Features: A built-in light source for previewing backlit materials before they go to the take-up reel

PrinterEvolutionD5300 Dye Sub Superwide

Width: 209 in. 
Features: Users can print multiple rolls simultaneously, and an integrated sewing system automatically attaches new rolls. 
Ink: Configurable with four or eight Kyocera printheads, engineered for variable droplet printing as small as 4 pL, and designed to print without light colors for up to 50% reduction in ink usage 

HPHP Latex 3200, 3600

Width: 126 in. 
Applications: Retail graphics, outdoor advertising, event signage, vehicle graphics, and interior décor
Features: Tiling mode with improved color consistency, HP’s Media Saver designed to save up to 39 linear in. per roll, and automatic printhead maintenance 

InktecJetrix LXi8 UV LED Flatbed

Width: 126 in.
Applications: Short-term outdoor signage, window graphics, interior décor, furniture decoration, industrial keypads, spot varnishing, wood prints, and more
Features: Zonal vacuum system with automated pin registration, an automatic anti-printhead crash system, and a laser-guided safety sensor

RicohT7210 Flatbed for Decorative Printing

Max. Substrate Thickness: 4.2 in.
Applications: Wallcoverings, flooring, furniture, and tile
Features: A media gap adjustment sensor works to quickly accommodate different types of materials.

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