Let’s Ride

Vehicle wraps offer a valuable opportunity to show some personality – or promote a business – to a captive audience of commuters. 

Businesses specializing in vehicle wraps often play multiple roles as consultant, idea interpreter, designer, printer, and installer. 

Clients seeking to wrap a personal vehicle are typically looking to let their jobs, interests, or personalities shine through with unique designs. Often, wrappers spend a lot of time getting to know them and listening to their vision before they can translate ideas into a carefully crafted design. 

Even when a customer comes in with graphics already created for a fleet of commercial vehicles, there is skill and finesse required for transitioning a 2D design into a successful dimensional print that will perfectly match the contours and varied components of the vehicle, particularly with a full wrap. 

Well-designed, expertly installed graphics can turn heads whenever they are spotted on the road – which is the goal for a personal vehicle wrap designed to make an impression or a commercial vehicle wrap intended to bring in business.

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metrowrapz wrap
Mission Accomplished






wrap race


Wrap Race








Send in the Cavalry








The Dukes of Ontario









Fortune Teller


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