Vinyl Alternative Film from Swm

Flexible, printable media for vehicles wraps, building wraps, and more.

Big Picture

Swm has released the ArgoGraph family of thermoplastic polyurethane media, engineered as high-performance advertising graphic films for harsh conditions. ArgoGraph-White is a premium-grade, printable facestock positioned as a more flexible, removable, conformable, and eco-friendly alternative to vinyl media. The media is compatible with latex, eco-solvent, and solvent printers, and is designed for resistance to UV damage and abrasions. Applications include vehicle wraps, outdoor signage, and building wraps. Available in gloss and matte finishes.

Swm recommends pairing the media with ArgoGraph-Clear, a highly conformable, glossy overlaminate film. The halogen- and cold-crack-resistant overlaminate is engineered with low-temperature flexibility, and is abrasion-, halogen-, PVC-, and additive-free, according to the company. Both films are available in widths up to 62. in.