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Cutters, routers, and laminators for your shop to consider.

Behind every gorgeous long-term outdoor graphic and perfectly routed dimensional P-O-P display is a post-press machine that finished the job. While wide-format digital printers may take most of the credit for the remarkable projects a shop churns out on the daily, cutters, routers, and laminators are a crucial part of the production process. And with the global market for finishing equipment valued at $4.8 billion in 2018 and showing signs of growth as automation becomes more firmly engrained in PSP operations everywhere, manufacturers are developing inline and near-line digital finishing equipment that won’t become just another bottleneck on the shop floor. To help find the right machines for your shop, here’s a snapshot of some of the newest finishing products on the market.

AGL 54 Film-to-Glass Laminator

Width: 50 in.
Glass Media: Engineered for applying optically clear films to a range of plate glass substrates
Features: Heated nip-roll design; cantilevered unwind and release liner rewind stations; redesigned aluminum in-feed table; automated transducer tension control system; a static elimination system; variable speed control; and an upper unwind film slitting system

Océ ProCut Auto Pilot Finishing Automation System

Camera: Canon DSLR camera recognizes reference marks to generate the pertinent cutting data, eliminating the need to manually scan a barcode for each job
Automation: Optional Automatic Router Bit Changer for automation of up to eight different tools for routing, polishing, engraving, and more
Software: Works in tandem with Océ ProCut Vision software (version 4.7 or newer required)

Kongsberg C66 Digital Cutting Table

Max. Speed: 328 ft/min
Table Size: 98 x 189 in.
Features: Manual multi-zone production, Device Manager software, and i-cut Production Console, which offers capabilities such as camera control, machine setup, tool recognition, calibration, tool adjustments, and color-coded alerts and updates

F1832 Flatbed Cutter

Width: 72 in.
Substrates: Compatible with common media sizes such as 60-in. roll material, 60 x 120-in. rigid board material, and textiles up to 72 in. wide
Features: A rotary tool, tandem mode, vacuum zones, and automated depth control to simplify bit, tool, and knife changes

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