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Software to consider for streamlining your production process.

Having a smooth production process can be a challenge when your print shop contains so many moving parts. What’s the status of that big job? Have the clients approved the design? Software can be an invaluable aid in various aspects of color management, RIP'ing, job tracking, automation, customer communication, and so much more. The software and workflow products featured below can address a lot of the common bottlenecks print service providers encounter – plus, they may help maximize your shop’s output.

RIP V11.2

Details: New features of the latest version of Caldera RIP wide-format software, V11.2, include: HelpLinks, which adds direct access to CalderaDesk documentation from within Caldera RIP modules; ContourNesting 180°, which aims to increase media savings by setting printing to follow the fiber direction of the substrate; and MultiLayer, which allows users to print multiple layers with different images for each layer for applications such as day-night backlit signage. The updated software also includes program enhancements to the cut and color features, a Background option, Rewind At End option, and more.

Fiery Textile Bundle

Details: EFI’s Fiery Textile Bundle for Reggiani printers is designed for apparel and décor digital textile production. The package includes Fiery DesignPro (compatible with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator) and version 6.5 of EFI’s Fiery proServer digital front end RIP for production management, color consistency, creating halftones, and more. Features include color matching, real-time color palette sharing, repeat patterns, and multiple colorways within one design.

Automation Engine QuickStart for Sign

Details: Automation Engine QuickStart for Sign comes preloaded with production workflows for sign and large-format printers and is designed to get a shop up and running with the standardized design/print/cut processes within five days. To accommodate business growth, QuickStart can be upgraded, integrated with upstream MIS systems, and connected with new production equipment. A Device Manager feature monitors job status and manages the queue of connected devices. The software can automate tasks such as preflighting, PDF optimization, approvals, cut path and bleed creation, tiling, and nesting.

Workflow Software

Details: Printavo workflow software is designed to streamline workflow and automation on the shop floor. Features include a calendar function, color-coded invoice statuses, customizable pricing matrix, access to analytics and product catalogs, and more. The web-based software can automate tasks such as requesting payment and moving orders, and is compatible with QuickBooks Online.

Version 6 Software

Details: Version 6 of the large-format software suite includes color management and quality assurance enhancements for automated workflow. A control dashboard for production management with a web-based interface allows operators to identify and address inefficiencies; the dashboard provides track and trace IDs to show real-time job, printer, and cutter status, and it can share quality control measurement reports against set tolerances with the print buyer. Added tools for Visu MultiColor Engine include light adjustment for visual color adjustment, spot color functionality, and a color correction plug-in. Additional updates include a new RIP user interface, implementation of customer tracking QR codes, 64-bit conversion, PSB import up to 2 GB, and support for Mac OSX10.13.

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