The Writing on the Wall: 5 New Media Options

Substrates to take your shop’s décor printing to the next level.

There’s no denying that interior décor qualifies as one of the latest and trendiest market segments to intersect with wide-format printing, but is your shop prepared to create the stunning wallcoverings, beautiful murals, and textured wallpapers that customers are demanding? 

The key reasons for the growth? The advancement of printer technology to the point that one-offs and short runs can be profitable, and the advent of personalization, according to technology consultant Sophie Matthews-Paul in a FESPA report. With homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, and more serving as contenders for digitally produced interior décor, the opportunities are out there, and they’re nearly endless. “Virtually every surface can be enhanced with inkjet printed decoration – from glass and walls, to soft furnishings, cupboards, and furniture, to flooring,” adds Matthews-Paul.

Whether your shop is thinking about printing on wallcoverings, fabric, interior window graphic film, or any variety of other substrates in the interior décor realm, you’ll need to start by considering the right materials. Here, we present five new interior décor media options now on the market.

Décor Overlaminate 8600 Series from 3M

Expressions Semi-Gloss Décor Canvas from Aurora

Fabblock6 from Magic

Squid from Lampe Textiles

WrapTheHouse from Aslan

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