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X-Rite Announces Xrga, New Metrology Standard

The new standard reduces measurement discrepancies between legacy instruments.

X-Rite has announced XRGA, a new metrology standard for the graphic-arts industry designed to reduce measurement discrepancies between legacy instruments previously developed by X-Rite and GretagMacbeth. The new XRGA standard, reports X-Rite, will improve inter-model agreement so that users can enjoy high-quality data exchange between sites that use different instrumentation. X-Rite also has developed a set of matrix transforms to enable measurements taken by either a former X-Rite or a former GretagMacbeth instrument to be easily expressed in the new XRGA standard.

A number of X-Rite graphic-arts products already conform to XRGA, including ColorMunki Photo, ColorMunki Design, and EasyTrax. All future X-Rite graphic-arts instruments and software will conform to XRGA.


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