Xaar 5601 3p0 printhead.jpg

Xaar Launches New 5601 Printhead

Featuring thin film piezo silicon MEMS technology.

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Xaar has unveiled the 5601 family of high-resolution inkjet printheads for printing textiles, laminates, cartons, and more. The family utilizes Xaar’s new thin film piezo silicon MEMS technology. With more than 5600 nozzles, 5601 printheads jet up to 6 L/hr, according to Xaar. The 3p0 model offers eight grayscale levels and a 3-pL droplet size for resolution up to 2440 dpi.

Additional features include AcuDrp Technology, allowing control over grayscale drop ejection; TF Technology to maximize production up time and print quality and lifetime; and a Z profile, allowing multiple printheads to fit closely together.

Xaar also reports the printhead width enables OEMs to use fewer printheads and therefore fewer electrical and fluid connections. The series also offers built-in mounting features for simplified installation.

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