Upcoming Roland Webinar on Partial Vehicle Wraps with a Vinyl Cutter

Roland DGA

Roland DGA is co-hosting a free live webinar with leading media manufacturer Arlon Graphics on Thursday, June 20 (10:00 am to 10:30 am PDT). The informative, interactive 30-minute session, “Partial Vehicle Wraps with a Vinyl Cutter,” will cover partial vehicle wrap applications, the industries with high demand for such wraps, and the best media choices for specific types of projects.  Attendees will learn the following:

•    How to build your vinyl cutter business with vehicle wraps, partial vehicle wraps, and decals
•    Popular industry applications, including public safety, the hobby market, and paint protective film for motor sports and personal vehicles.
•    Choosing the right media for the job.
•    Identifying common cutting problems and resolving those issues.
•    Why CAMM-1 GR cutters, with their exceptional cutting speed, power and accuracy, are the best choice for vehicle graphics applications.

Click here to access additional webinar information and a link to the online registration form.