Rigid Foam PVC Sheets

Lightweight substrates for displays, signs, and more.

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Brett Martin’s Foamalux line of rigid foam PVC sheets offers a smooth, durable finish and fire-retardant qualities in four variations for traditional sign and display applications. Foamalux White is an extruded closed-cell PVC foam sheet with bright white finish, available with a max. width of 80.7 in. 

Foamalux Xtra is positioned as an eco-friendly substrate with a black core – made from up to 80% recycled foam PVC – and single- or double-sided white PVC. Single-sided media available in 48 x 96- and 48 x 120-in. sheets; double-sided sheets available in 48- and 61.4-in. widths.

Foamalux Colour sheets feature a smooth matte surface engineered for direct to substrate digital printing. Standard colors available in 48 x 96- and 80.7 x 120-in. sheets include strawberry red, red, ivory, sunburst yellow, yellow, orange, green, light blue, blue, gray, and black, while limited edition colors include neon pink, neon green, raspberry, and black sparkle offered in 80.7 x 120-in. sheets.

Foamalux Ultra offers a high-gloss finish and strong, durable surface for enhanced UV protection and stability. Available in 48 x 96- and 80.7 x 120-in. sheets, users can choose red, yellow, green, blue, gray, black, or white surfaces.

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