Canon Arizona 2300 Series of flatbed printers

Canon UV-LED Flatbed Printers

Two presses compatible with rigid and flexible media.

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Canon has released the Arizona 2300 Series of flatbed printers, including three 49 x 98-in. 2300 Series GTF configurations reaching speeds of 958 sq ft/hr and three 121 x 98-in. 2300 Series XTF configurations with speeds up to 1023 sq ft/hr. 

The series is designed with Flow technology, a vacuum technique supporting zoneless, multi-origin table layout with easy-to-use, three-sided pneumatic registration pins for added productivity, edge-to-edge and double-sided printing, and ability to print on odd-shaped, heavy, smooth, or precut media up to 2 in. thick including canvas, wood, and glass, the company reports. 

Additional features include automated maintenance system, high-res camera alignment system, optional Arizona Xpert smart workflow automation software, VariaDot printhead technology with high-key print mode and pixel placement compensation, roll media option (compatible with thin, heat-sensitive media up to 87 in. wide) with instant switching between roll-to-roll and flatbed printing, optional static suppression upgrade kit for imaging hard plastics, optional Touchstone textured printing software, UV-LED instant-on printing, and more. 

Available in four-, six-, or eight-ink channel configurations with support for CMYKcm + white + varnish UL Greenguard Gold-certified IJC357 UV-curable inks. Applications include P-O-P displays, interior décor, fine art, and more.

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