CWT Worktools Flatbed Multipurpose Applicator

Features electronic pressure control, heat-assisted lamination, and electric drive.

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CWT Worktools has unveiled the CWT Evolution flatbed multipurpose applicator, featuring electronic pressure control, heat-assisted lamination, and electric drive for lamination without silvering. Synchronized Pressure Control adapts roller pressure to the substrate for uniform distribution and all-electric intuitive controls offer precise roller movement and pressure, including presaved settings. 

Additional features include: 

  • Evo Hot heat-assisted rollers for faster lamination
  • Evo Drive motorized gantry for consistent lamination speed and quality
  • Evo Lift integrated height adjustment
  • Evo Cut smart cutting and trimming for prints and boards
  • Evo storage utilizes the empty space under the worktable for additional storage
  • Evo Light option to convert the worktable into a light table with integrated side-lit LED illumination

The Evolution line is offered in three sizes: the 65.4 x 124-in. CWT 1737 Evo, 65.4 x 100.4-in. CWT 1730 Evo, and 65.4 x 171.3-in. CWT 1748 Evo.

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