EFI Soft Signage Printers

EFI Colors 340 and EFI Power 340 offer transfer and direct-to-fabric imaging.

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EFI has announced two aqueous-based soft signage printers: EFI Colors 340 and EFI Power 340. EFI Colors 340 is offered in 8-, 16-, and 24-printhead configurations, reaching print speeds up to 9149 sq ft/hr. EFI Power 340 is available with 16 or 32 printheads with max. print speeds of 16,835 sq ft/hr.

Both 134-in. presses are engineered to print direct to fabric or to transfer paper using the same inkset with the ability to change over from one to the other; are compatible with a range of materials including table flags, banners, stretch-fabric exhibit graphics, wall murals, backdrops, and more; and offer 100% penetration on both sides of the substrate, according to the company. Additional features include 4-color printing with wide color gamut and high-uniformity print modes, four-level grayscale printing with 4- to 18-pL drop sizes, precision sticky belt technology, automated substrate width detection, wrinkle detect system, continuous ink recirculation system, and more.

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