Fabric for Direct Print

Line includes soft knit, heavy knit, stretch, and flag options.

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Fisher Textiles has announced the F7 Certified Fabrics line designed for direct print. The line’s mulitchemical treatment process is engineered to offer reliability, consistency, high print quality, and control of ink migration. The fabric utilizes an FR softening agent and is fire retardant. The line includes DD 7701 Primary Flag, DD 7707 Soft Knit, DD 7708 Heavy Knit, DD 7709 Heavy Knit, and DD 7710 Poly Stretch. 

The F7 Certified Fabrics is line 100% polyester, with the exception of DD 7710 Poly Stretch which features of composition of 89.5% polyester and 10.5% spandex. Applications include flags, banners, retail and P-O-P, exhibit graphics, home furnishings, SEG, and more. Available in 126-in. rolls. 

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