HP Stitch S1000

Dye Sublimation for high-production shops.

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HP has added to its dye sublimation line with HP Stitch S1000, a 126-in. printer. Designed for high-production environments, S1000 prints on paper and fabric. Features include 1200 dpi with user-replaceable HP Thermal Inkjet printheads; automatic maintenance; unattended printing; single-operator media loading/unloading; max. print speed up to 2368 sq ft/hr; HP Drop and Dry print zone dryer; Smart Nozzle Compensation system; OMAS Plus optical media advance sensor; and HP SmartColor tools for color consistency. Applications include soft signage, such as backlit and frontlit graphics, and interior décor, for printing of curtains, upholstery, and sofas.

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