New Products from Orbus

Adds new and updated display products.

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Orbus Exhibit and Display Group’s 2019 Edition of The Exhibitors’ Handbook features more than 30 new products, as well as enhancements to more than 40 existing display products. The company has added popup tent, billboard, sign, and accent options for outdoor displays, including the Zoom Flex Arch billboard, the Zoom Flex Billboard, the Zoom Economy 5-Ft Popup Tent, and Popup Bar in Mini and Large with header graphic options. 

Additional new and updated products include: Mosquito Arctic, Orient Organic, and Rollup banner stands; Formulate Essential banners; Hopup Backlit, Embrace, Backlit Embrace collapsible counters; Formulate backlit kits and accessories; Modulate fabric displays; and Hybrid Pro Modular Exhibit Kits.

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