EcoTech Taurus 180ES 70-in. eco-solvent printer

Paradigm Imaging 70-Inch Eco-Solvent Press

Designed to image banners, mesh, vinyl, textiles, and more.

Big Picture

Paradigm Imaging Group has announced the EcoTech Taurus 180ES 70-in. eco-solvent printer, compatible with banner material, mesh, vinyl, perforated vinyl, canvas, textiles, and polyester fabric. Features include two Epson DX5 printheads, production speeds up to 301 sq ft/hr, high-speed data transfers reaching 480 MB/sec, up to 2880 dpi-resolution output, improved ink fixation, high-capacity bulk ink systems including 1-L CMYK inks and 500-ml reserve cartridges, front heaters and drying fans, Roll or Sheet Auto Feed and Automatic Take-Up System for long print runs and large graphics, double-column vertical balance guiderail, automated printhead cleaning and moistening, and enhanced feathering print mode. 

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