Plaskolite Polycarbonate Sheets

Plaskolite Polycarbonate Sheets

Engineered to protect the eyes and skin from extreme sources of light.

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Plaskolite has revealed Tuffak WC and Tuffak LS polycarbonate sheet products, engineered to protect the eyes and skin from extreme sources of light. Offering high temperature resistance and optical clarity, Tuffak WC is designed for applications such as arc welding curtains, screens in tanning salons, walkways, and more. The lightweight media features impact strength, flexibility, and UV-blocking properties and is available in 48 x 96-in. sheets in four transparent colors: light yellow, medium amber, medium red, and dark green.

Plaskolite Polycarbonate Sheet

Tuffak LS is engineered for protecting the skin and eyes from accidental exposure to targeted wavelengths specific to lasers in such environments as medical, dental, dermatological, CO2 cutting, and research applications. The sheets, designed for high optical clarity and visibility, can be used in door and room windows, standing panels, movable screens, modular barriers, and tabletop laser enclosures. Offered in three transparent colors: IR blocking light gray, visible light blocking bright amber, and UV blocking yellow. Available in 24 x 48- and 48 x 96-in. sheets.

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