Propago Web-to-Print Software

Cloud-based marketing asset management offers client portals and more.

Big Picture

Propago is a cloud-based web-to-print and marketing asset management software designed to increase workflow efficiency via online client marketing portals and workflow management. Standard portal features include web-to-print support, personalization engine, intuitive ordering process, and brand compliance; additional features available through Propago portals include granular user rights, flexible approval triggers, multilayered approval workflows, budgetary controls, comprehensive payment options, digital asset management, visual reporting dashboards, and more. 

The Propago platform can also be configured as a workflow management system with production, procurement, and warehouse management plus fulfillment automation, inventory forecasting, and real-time analytics and reporting.

New features include Propago Offers, an order bundling system especially designed for franchise clients; raw materials feature for simpler inventory tracking; and browser-based warehouse gun interface designed for mobile screens including smartphones and RF guns.

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