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My name is Aaron Li, I am from the United States, I am specialized in the sales and production of concrete and construction machinery, I recognize with the property job advancement procedure, construction law and related construction industry guidelines and approval requirements, master the building and construction procedure of civil engineering, a specific engineering plan examine capability, excellent construction site company and coordination, project management capabilities. Abundant experience in building and construction management and useful experience in managing a team, strong capability to withstand pressure and proactive work. Diligent and dedicated, genuine, positive, proactive, with a strong sense of responsibility. Open-minded, responsive, with strong abstract thought ability, easy to accept new knowledge quickly. At present, our company produces the following makers: laser screed, power screed, Concrete trowel machine, screed machine, Ride on trowel machine and roller screed,Concrete truss screed welcome buddies from all walks of life to seek advice from and buy.


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