Harmful Foods for Cats

Thinking about what to feed Kitty that will keep her happy and healthy? We appreciate your concern but besides knowing the foods that are good for her, you should also know about the foods that are harmful to her.
Living with an ESA has responsibilities that go beyond getting an ESA letter for housing. When looking for nutritious food for their cat ESAs, many people do not know about the foods that are toxic for their feline friends and could cause serious damage.
To help them, we have compiled a list of foods that are harmful to Kitty.
1. Chocolates and Caffeine
Chocolates and caffeinated drinks are pack-loaded with benefits for humans but, this does not mean that it has the same benefits for cats also. Chocolate has methylxanthines, which is dangerous for cats. In cats, this substance can disturb their digestive system and cause vomiting, diarrhea, high fever and thirst, and, sometimes, cardiac arrest. However emotional support dog letter can help you to support your dog in the hour of need.
2. Garlic and Onions
Onions and garlic can cause severe anemia in cats. They could damage Kitty’s red blood cells and cayuse weakness and other health problems in her. Besides whole-food, you must keep all the items that contain traces of these foods, including soups, and get your feline checked immediately in case you see symptoms like pale gums reduced appetite and overall weakness.
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3. Raw Meat and Eggs
Just like us, raw meat and bones are harmful to your cat also. This can cause salmonella in cats and could damage their internal, sensitive organs. In case Kitty consumes any of raw mean, bones,or eggs, she can show signs of lethargy and diarrhea. Take her to the doctor immediately as humans can also contract salmonella from animals.
4. Raisins and Grapes
We know what you are thinking, aren’t these tasty treats good for Kitty? Unfortunately, no. raisins and grapes are healthy and tasty for humans but for cats, they could be lethal. In case a cat consumes any of these foods, she can collapse with kidney failure. Some symptoms include less urination and abdominal pain. Therefore, steer clear of these foods. However, us service dog registry is a must for every dog owner
5. Raw Dough and Alcohol
Both raw dough and alcohol are toxic to your feline friend. Alcoholic drinks can cause severe serious health problems in cats that include tremors and respiratory problems. Raw dough is hard to digest which makes it dangerous for Kitty as the undigested dough is a host to a lot of health complications. However, animals required an ESA letter, to keep them in home.
Bonus Point: Coco’s Food is not OK for Kitty
Can I give dog food to my cat? No, you cannot. Cats and dogs are different and have different dietary requirements. While this will not kill your cat, it will definitely leave your cat weak. Cats need nutrients like taurine, protein, vitamin A and arachidonic to stay healthy. Cat food contains all of these nutrients while the dog food is quite low on it.
Kitty is prone to dangerous diseases like heart failure, weak eyesight, and fragile bones and teeth if she does not consume these nutrients in the required amount.
Cats make great pets and emotional support animal letter can help you to keep your cat with you. They may look self-absorbed but once they open up, they are quite friendly and loving creatures. To make sure that your cat is healthy and happy, keep it away from all the mentioned food items.
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